TRINITY Underwriting Managers Ltd launches insurance product for anti-spam exposures

Trinity, working with leading underwriters at Lloyd’s and other Insurers, is pleased to launch a unique product to protect Canadian companies from costs and fines arising from a spamming problem.

From July 1, 2014, Canadian companies have been liable to large fines and penalties up to a possible $10 million for sending out spam. Just last month a Quebec firm was fined over $1 million. Trinity sees this as an Error or Omission and something that should be insurable.

“Most Canadian companies do not send out spam. However, their servers can be hijacked by others who use them to spam, or perhaps they inadvertently send out a letter to a client who has asked to be taken off the mailing list” said Mike McLachlan, President of Trinity.

“Obviously we will not insure companies that are deliberately sending out thousands of spam emails. But for those companies that run afoul of the CRTC through no fault of their own, we’re able to help,” said Mr. McLachlan.

Since July 1st last year, the CRTC has investigated thousands of spamming complaints. Companies can incur expensive costs and fines if they are found to be responsible for spamming activities. Trinity is pleased to offer an insurance policy that protects Insureds from costs and penalties arising from this exposure. If you’d like to know more about this product, ask your Insurance Broker to contact Trinity today.